Horn Arrangement by Greg Adams

Arranged By Greg Adams. I will do a horn arrangement for your project. Your original song or a cover of a song to record or perform live. If it is for a live performance, you pick your instrumentation. If it’s for a recording, I will do my classic 5 piece arrangement 2 Trumpets and three Saxes. Or your choice. You will need to send an mp3 or a disc of the live or recorded rhythm track to arrange to. You will receive your handwritten autographed score and the authenticated embossed horn parts. Music Prep-Copyist is included.


  • The first single download 6 weeks before the CD is released
  • Pre-released autographed CD Two weeks before the release date! New CD Delivered March 2018
  • Autographed by Greg Adams
  • East Bay Soul Stickers
  • East Bay Soul Logo Lanyard
  • 8×10 photo autographed by the entire band
  • Thank you!