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Ripa Records To Release Greg Adams and East Bay Soul THE REAL CD
By Grammy And Emmy Nominated Trumpeter, Arranger Greg Adams
On June 2, 2023
Greg Adams and East Bay Soul

Adams has performed on over 2000 recordings. Greg has lent his sound to Sir Elton John, Phish, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Santana , Bonnie Raitt, Paul Shaffer, Little Feat, Billy Preston, Peter Frampton, Chicago, Al Green, The Eurhythmics,
Lyle Lovett, Heart, Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville, The Brothers Johnson, Wilson Pickett, Huey Lewis and the News, Raphael Saadiq, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Sir George Martin, Terrence Trent Darby, Dionne Warrick, B.B. King and Josh Groban to name a very few.

May 8, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA. In a career that has spanned 5 decades, Adams has made his mark on a broad stretch of today’s musical landscape that includes jazz, pop, rock, R&B, soul, and funk. With the release of THE REAL the genrechameleon trumpeter, arranger uses his natural skills to deliver a recording with a diversity of styles that Greg is known for. Nine original songs with powerful horns, lush strings, sweet soul vocals and an all-star rhythm section, Greg Adams and East Bay Soul brings together a sensational blend of Funk, Jazz, Soul and R&B in their own style that is THE REAL!

On the opening track “Dreams Come True” Adams Flugelhorn melody sings out a love story in a dance between the strings and the rhythm section that says “I finally found you and Dreams Come True”

The driving instrumental “West 57th “mingles funk and jazz likened to a night on the town after hours – a sexy walk down hip street on Manhattan’s west side.The luscious R&B Ballad “Baby, Please Stay” asks the question “Who do you love?” The band’s dynamic performance and Terrell Edwards incredible vocals makes this track a cornerstone of the recording and features Greg’s rich string and horn arrangement caressing the listener.

Sometimes musical moments just happen! During a writing session between Greg, Nick and Terrell, a page of music manuscript fell on the floor on the top of the page was a date 4.8.19. It was placed on the piano, Nick starting playing and said “What’s this?  Greg “I don’t know, I must have written on 4.8.19” Terrell “I am good with lyrics.” He wrote the lyric in 5 minutes. Baby, Please Stay was penned!

The funk driven title cut “THE REAL” a base laden groove powered by Del Atkins deft performance. A collective collaboration that brings songwriters Adams, Milo, Richard Smith, Tico V. Pierhagen and lyrics by Edwards leads you to all the elements of a contagious danceable romp!

The muddy sound of “Dig A Little Deeper” bed is set by the ease of Herman Matthews drumming. The clever lyrics are crafted by Rocky Maffit. The East Bay Soul Horn Section’s answer and call has all the qualities of a train on rails rumbling through a bayou.

With the release of The Real marks the 6th recording by the group over a span of 15 years. Nick Milo once again teams with Adams in production and their song writing skills have never been sharper. A partnership that has be realized for over 30 years

Adams says “We had so much fun recording this project! Lot’s laughs and hard work. Everything came together with such an easy feel! There was great chemistry between the whole band, laying down their expertise! Truly a group effort! We think as the listener you will feel it too!

Meet East Bay Soul:
Greg Adams, Michael Stever: Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Johnnie Bamont, Ed Wynne: Saxes, Terrell Edwards: Vocals, Nick Milo: Keyboards, Richard Smith: Guitar, Herman Matthews: Drums, Del Atkins: Bass

Track Listing for Greg Adams and East Bay Soul THE REAL



3: WEST 57th





8: 100%


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Underneath The Mistletoe Re-Issued!

Just In Time for The Holidays!
Digital Distribution Released on Friday, Nov 23!


Underneath The Mistletoe is our collection of Christmas Music with Lead Vocalist Terrell Edward’s interpretation of these classic chestnuts in our style of Jazz-Funk, R&B and Soul! Take a listen! Download and Streaming iTunes and Amazon and on all your other favorite platforms! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Underneath The Mistletoe is the ultimate Christmas experience capturing all of the inspiration and nostalgia of the holiday season. Add the benefit of vision, musical “ know how” and the insight that comes through genuine affection, respect and friendship. Greg Adams and East Bay Soul delivers you the recipe for making very special holiday memories.

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