The creative spark that turned into East Bay Soul was struck, when Greg was asked the question in 2009, “What do you want to do next?” Always ready to re-invent himself… the answer came easy. “I want to go back to my roots.”

Adams, one of the best known horn arrangers in pop music renowned for his distinct percussive sound just needed a large horn band to write for and he set out to do just that! Six years in the making and with three studio albums to East Bay Soul’s credit all while touring…. headlining music festivals and performing in premiere jazz clubs nationwide.

East Bay Soul would evolve as Greg tells it… “Finding Darryl Walker as the lead vocalist was a gift from the moment he sang the first note in the studio in 2009. I had never worked with drummer Herman Matthews, but wanted to for some time. I called him and asked if would like to be involved in a new project East Bay Soul. “

“We were getting ready to record East Bay Soul 2.0. I was looking for someone on bass and he suggested I give Dwayne “Smitty” Smith call. From the first downbeat, wow, we had the drum and bass combination of doom! Now with long time writing partner and former musical director for Joe Cocker, Nick Milo on keys and Johnny Sandoval on percussion. The first time Kay-Ta Matsuno plugged in. It was dynamite! The rhythm section is complete! “

The dream horn section! Lee Thornburg on lead trumpet and flugel and when we record, on trombone… funny when we play together we hold up our horns and walk up to the mic at the same time. 30 years will do that! Playing together since we were kids, Johnnie Bamont on alto, tenor, bari saxes and flute. Greg Vail on alto and tenor and doubles on bari and flute when called on. Double threat Darryl Walker plays tenor to round out the 5-piece horn section.

“What a band” says Adams “This truly is a band of brothers and a blend that comes once in a lifetime!”